Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

In a world that's bred upon capitalism, where individuals are always looking to capitalize for themselves, even when it means abandoning ethics and honesty, how can a business protect itself against dishonest acts by customers, employees or even complete strangers? Surveillance is an excellent way. Just the fact that people know they are being recorded in an establishment, and knowing dishonest acts will be caught works as an effective deterrent against these types of things. Furthermore, the actual proof on video of such actions in the case that they do happen gives you insurance that you know what's happening to your assets, your property and can legally do something about anything that happens. When you think about video surveillance, you may be thinking about the black and white fuzzy video recordings you've seen on TV from a gas station getting robbed. Think again. PTN's surveillance department works with only the top of the line digital systems available. A full list of features for the surveillance systems that PTN works with are shown below:


There’s a Dahua product for every solution! Dahua offers three series of products to suit simple through advanced applications. From basic products to the latest in cutting-edge video surveillance technology, Dahua provides feature-rich, reliable cameras, recorders, and accessories at a competitive price. The three tiers of offerings range from good, economical products to competitively priced, feature-rich products. Whether you choose the Lite Series, Pro Series, or Ultra Series family of products, all products feature high performance, and reliability.

Key Features

  • ePoE (converts coax lines to use IP cameras at the lowest cost in the industry; or triples the distance of IP without any need for repeaters/extenders).

  • Starlight cameras see color at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting. Video:

  • Identify skin color, hair color, clothing color, vehicle color, etc. So much more effective than traditional IR cameras.

  • The levels of Dahua’s starlight are attached. I recommend Starlight+ if you may require viewing in very dark or pitch-black scenes. Or Night Color if you don’t need or don’t want infrared.

  • Night Color cameras have no infrared, which means you can’t use them in pitch-black darkness, but they see at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting like it’s daytime. They have the highest nighttime performance of the Dahua product line. 

  • AI cameras detect humans and vehicles: no more false motion events from moving trees, shadows, animals, insects, rain, and snow! This is known as SMD (smart motion detection) 

  • AI NVRs convert existing compatible IPCs (even from other brands, as long as they are compatible) to detect humans and vehicles.

  • Low-cost facial recognition using AI NVRs. Search by face. (Not to be confused with cheaper “facial detection.”)

  • HD-CVI (and other analog such as HD-TVI, AHD) up to 4K, even over coax!

  • IP up to 4K.

  • H.265, which saves approximately 60% over H.264.

  • Dual-sensor, multi-sensor, and fisheye cameras for numerous panoramic options.

  • Mobile/vehicle solutions in CVI and IP (ideal for delivery trucks, commercial buses, fleet services, etc.)

  • Numerous other products in their catalog.

Network Products

  • Fixed Cameras

  • Multi-Sensor Panoramic Cameras

  • Network PTZ Cameras

  • Wifi Series

  • Network Video Recorders

  • Fisheye-360 ° Panoramic IP Cameras Dewarpable

  • Access Controls

  • Video Intercom 

SMARTPSS Software (PC & Mac)

SmartPSS is an all-in-one, full-featured video surveillance application that is ideal for the small to mid-size business that needs to monitor people, premises, and assets. SmartPSS integrates all Dahua network cameras and storage devices into one intuitive, easy to use interface. The software provides efficient device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, as well as video wall setup and preview.

  • Efficient Device Management

  • Manage up to 64 Devices over a Maximum of 256 Channels

  • Manage Access, Video Intercom, and Time and Attendance Devices

  • Supports H.265 and H.264 Dual Video Compression Codecs

  • Live Video Monitoring and Playback

  • Configure Video Wall Layout and Scheme

  • Configure NVR Recording

  • PTZ Camera Control

  • Intelligent Video System (IVS) with People Counting and Heat Map

IDSS and gDMSS (Mobile IOS & Android)

iDMSS and gDMSS are mobile phone surveillance applications from Dahua, which are available on iPhone and Android phones respectively, supporting, etc. both iDMSS and gDMSS have two versions each: lite and plus; all the Apps are free and can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The key features of Dahua iDMSS and gDMSS Mobile Surveillance Applications include:

  • Support real-time live/playback

  • Support view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders

  • Support Push Alarm, Video Playback, Task wheel, Finger Gesture, Windows Slide and so on.

  • Task Wheel to change Favorites Group

  • Support H.265/H.264/MPEG-4/JPEG decoding

  • Support Easy4IP - Dahua's own P2P solution

  • Support Dahua Video IP intercom system